Thursday, June 8, 2023 | Convene 101 Park Ave, New York

Mission-critical guidance for new and

emerging managers


This event is aimed at management firms and funds in their early stages of development, as well as managers and funds operated by women and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Our sincere mission is to create a series of conversations that will enable your new firm or fund to be set for growth, success, and security. Dealing with issues spanning operations, strategy and compliance this event is designed for decision makers from across the leadership suite.

For any new fund manager, getting the planning right at the pre-launch and post-launch phases can potentially make the difference between success or costly failure. Through a series of in-depth panel discussions, presentations and breakout sessions, the event will lay out the main considerations for an engaged audience.

The Hedge Fund US Emerging Managers Summit, hosted by Hedgeweek, is your bridge to a new understanding of each of the critical steps involved to successfully bring a hedge fund to market.

After our industry's long absence of in-person gatherings, there will also be time for networking and informal conversations with close peers and colleagues.

Hedgeweek’s event will:

  • Be a closed and invite-only gathering, this means no media and a curated audience of genuine peers
  • Bring together senior staff from across the leadership suite to discuss shared problems, opportunities and solutions
  • Focus on current trends, emerging themes and the likely innovations and disruptors of the next 5 years

All Summits and Webinars are CPD accredited, so you can learn, network and develop new skills.

Find out more about The CPD Certification here:


7:15 AM


Invite-only breakfast

7:30 AM

Top 5 priorities for leaders at new and emerging managers

A guided discussion for C-suite professionals at management firms addressing:

  • Key operational trends
  • Emerging strategy trends
  • Allocator activity and fundraising
  • Direction of new regulation

8:30 AM


8:50 AM


Hedge Fund Emerging Manager Insights Presentation

  • Tony Griffiths, Head of Content, Hedgeweek
  • Team building – how to work well with your colleagues and maintain good and creative working relations during periods of growth and attrition
  • Getting tactics right – messaging the benefits of your strategy to the market
  • Competition crunch: Competing with the ‘catch-all’ multi-strats and fighting for allocator ‘airtime’ with other established players
  • Avoiding a marketing vacuum – who does your marketing internally and what does best practice look like?
  • Consolidation: If your launch is successful, do you adhere to the original game plan or look at other launches and new strategies?

Only connect: How to build a sustainable management business in 2023 and beyond


9:00 AM


9:45 AM

Voice of experience – how to win mandates and influence allocators

  • Learn from a ‘veteran’ in the hedge fund space on fundraising, firm evolution, fund strategy... and learning from your mistakes
  • Does best practice really exist in marketing and asset raising – if so, what does it look like?
  • Vocalising your strategy’s benefits and making sure allocators understand how it fits into, de-risks and enhances their wider portfolio
  • Staying patient and playing the long game with allocators
  • Getting found – using database listings, prime brokers and other new and emerging services. Or is old-fashioned ‘shoe leather’ and personal outreach the best way to get noticed
  • Distribution – at home and abroad: should you be flexible with structures (like SMAs) and can you do this without costs spiraling?
  • Getting on the radar of consultants
  • ‘Retailisation’ opportunities in the hedge fund space – do they really exist and how to access a new network of RIAs or HNWIs

Marketing strategy: Getting ready for asset raising and making sure you get your approach, comms and onboarding right


10:00 AM

10:45 AM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

11:15 AM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

  • New marketing rules and regulations – how are managers grappling with change?
  • What precautions are managers taking in the 18month transition period - how are companies phasing in the new marketing rules and dealing with areas of uncertainty
  • How should you be reviewing and renewing marketing rules?
  • What are the key risks around:

Roundtable A: SEC marketing rules – understanding the significance and navigating the compliance potholes

  1. Distribution of performance data and using third party vendors/data aggregators to do this
  2. Using third party marketing services and placement agents
  3. Media presence, including social media
  • Given the likely hard-nosed enforcement of the rules, how can you still compliantly stand out from the crowd when marketing?

Roundtable B: Balance of payments: Getting your compensation right and keeping it attractive as you grow

  • What sorts of structures should you be thinking about from day one and as you mature?
  • Compensation – how do you compensate different staff members – what is the latest thinking?
  • As you grow and you begin to hire other talented and senior staff – how do you balance their rewards/benefits with the compensation of founders?
  • How do you retain staff for the long-term?

Roundtable C: How can emerging managers develop a sector-leading ESG strategy

  • What does it mean for a hedge fund management firm to have an ESG strategy? How can smaller managers achieve this without a full-time resource?
  • How to set appropriate and achievable ESG goals for your firm and its funds?
  • How to incorporate funds and investments as part of the ESG strategy?
  • How can you accurately track and report on a concept that is so huge and malleable?
  • Does ESG fatigue and more challenging and distracting market conditions risk diluting the concept?
  • How to navigate the ESG needs of stakeholders, including internal teams, allocators and regulators? Are there too many competing and conflicting expectations?

Roundtable D: ODD bootcamp: How to survive, thrive and learn from an allocator or consultant ODD process

  • How to prepare for an ODD process?
  • Has the process evolved for a remote working environment?
  • What are the current red flags and have they changed?
  • What should you learn from an unsuccessful process and can you illicit constructive feedback for the next time?
  • What should you be asking?
  • If you pass, how to avoid resting on your laurels and continue to evolve your operational excellence

12:00 PM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

Roundtable A: SEC marketing rules

Roundtable B: Balance of payments

Roundtable C: How can emerging managers develop a sector-leading ESG strategy

Roundtable D: ODD bootcamp

12:45 PM


  • As a smaller manager, how can you achieve operational excellence, from a low-cost base? Is this even possible?
  • Partnership or problem: the evolving relationship with service providers
  • Outsourcing, now a strategic imperative for the hedge fund back-office – what are the current drivers and trends?
  • Valuations and compliance outsourcing are currently the most outsourced functions after fund administration – examining the scope, challenges, models and strategies adopted in each
  • Pushing the boundaries of outsourcing to other higher value activities – where to next? Are you even examining the ‘fraction-lisation’ of once key staff – e.g. CTO…and even the COO/CFO.
  • What are the benefits and the risks here? What other areas of your ops could be outsourced?
  • Extension of outsourcing to the front office – be it trading or research
  • Promise of technology adoption for the hedge funds back-office (e.g. cognitive investment data management, standardisation of templates)
  • Investor reporting – reporting challenges and the lure of automation
  • What disruptors and new developments are we seeing in outsourcing?

Digitalization and delegation: Is the potential of outsourcing for hedge funds boundless or should it stop at the back office?


2:00 PM

2:45 PM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

Roundtable D: ODD bootcamp

Roundtable C: How can emerging managers develop a sector-leading ESG strategy

Roundtable B: Balance of payments

Roundtable A: SEC marketing rules

3:30 PM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

  • SEC priorities across:

The year of the regulator: How new regulation at home and abroad will define the PE space over the next twelve months


4:00 PM

  • Marketing
  • Cyber security
  • Reporting on your service providers
  • ESG
  • Looming further afield in the EU and beyond
  • How to deal with a regulatory review?
  • Navigating new regulation, staying compliant and avoiding the reputational nightmare of enforcement actions

Over whisky tasting, listen to three allocators discuss their current views on the hedge fund space and their own current investment priorities.

Distilled LP insights

Final session

4:45 PM

5:30 PM


Connect with peers from around the industry over a glass of wine

7:30 PM


Angus Milne

Director, Risk & Compliance at TCI Fund Management Limited

Dr Vera Krahmal

Principal at Times Three

Eleri Rhidian

Ian Wylie

Vice President, Sales & Investor Relations at Trium Capital

COO at Naya Capital Management UK

Karim Leguel

James Orme-Smith

CEO at Sandbar Asset Management LLP

International Head of Business Development and Client Strategy at J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management

Patrick Mang

Malcolm Butler

Chief Operating Officer at Trium Capital

Sarah-Jane O'Sullivan

Director, Operational Due Diligence at Willis Towers Watson

COO at Selwood Asset Management

Jinal Surti

Maximilian Bruckner

Andrew Caruana Scicluna

Head of Asset Management & International Operations at Menai Financial Group

Partner at Camilleri Preziosi, a member of FinanceMalta

Read more

Investor Relations at 21e6 Capital

Read more

Jon Caplis

Paul Gray

Steven Yadegari

CEO at Pivotal Path

Chief Executive Officer at FiSolve

CEO and Co-Founder at IronHold Capital







Convene 101 Park Avenue

Address: 101 Park Avenue // Midtown East, New York

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Electronic Devices

Please note attendees are asked to dress in business casual.

We kindly ask attendees to please keep electronic devices on silent during panels and roundtables.

"It was great and informative to hear from the panellists who discussed a broad range of essential topics for emerging managers. Will be back next year!"

Dede Eyesan, Founder/Managing Partner, Jenga Investment Partners

"The hedgeweekLive European Emerging Managers Summits are excellent. A must for all hedge fund managers looking to launch or grow their funds"

David Mace, COO, Altavista Investment Management UK LLP

"The leading UK gathering for digital asset professionals & thought leaders. A must have diary event for anyone allocating or thinking of allocating assets in the digital & crypto space."

Simon Davies, Head of European Business Development, Abra



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