Opportunities in institutionalizing the digital frontier


Thursday, February 24, 2022 | University Club of New York

Brought to you by Hedgeweek, the Hedge Fund US Digital Assets Summit is designed for operational and product specialists at US hedge funds to discuss key developments, trends, and issues driving the growth of digital asset strategies and funds.

This one-day event will explore a wealth of topics, including:

  • The case for investing in digital assets
  • Key legal and regulatory challenges
  • Custody, security and liquidity issues
  • Trading and investment strategies
  • Future developments and trends
  • Digital asset fund bootcamp for managers
  • The shifting sentiment of allocators toward digital asset funds

Join us for what promises to be an exciting and engaging event.



8:15 AM


9:00 AM


The Crypto Fund Maturity Curve: What to look out for at each step of your journey

Hosted by Fireblocks


  • Michael Shaulov, CEO and Founder, Fireblocks
  • Gwyn Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Fund Media
  • Examining the performance upside and ability to diversify
  • Building a fund and track record that will benefit from a sector bound for imminent institutionalization
  • Cost of running a digital assets vehicle can be high (almost twice as high as equity hedge), will we see prices lower as more certainty, better regulation and commoditized – like clearer admin, audit etc - services develop?
  • Regulatory uncertainty – can we expect clarity here soon?
  • Investor sentiment – how do allocators really see the space? Why do suspicions and uncertainty remain?
  • Beyond these barriers, what should propel your business into launching a digi asset fund or integrating digital assets into an existing strategy?
  • As the digital assets space becomes more institutional - what are the next steps and opportunities?
  • Clearly huge potential for the sector and more funds are launching, but what barriers/concerns remain:

From meme to maturity – the road from bitcoin to DeFi and the opportunities (and pitfalls) for the hedge fund space


9:15 AM


  • Kenneth Goodwin, General Managing Partner and Founder, Jeanensis Ventures (moderator)
  • Carlos Betancourt, Founding Partner, BKCoin Capital
  • Jack Zumwalt, CEO and Co- CIO, Level III Capital
  • Kenny Estes, CEO and co-founder, Diffuse Inc.
  • Shiliang Tang, Chief Investment Officer, LedgerPrime
  • Vadim Khramov, Founder and Chief Investment Officer , Edge Capital Investment Management

10:00 AM



  • Jenna Wright, Managing Director, LMAX Digital

From meme to maturity – tracking the key milestones of the digital assets space


Searching for certainty - the evolution of custody and trading risk solutions


10:15 AM

  • There is a perception that the custody issues have been solved – is this really the case, particularly when majority of investors still see it as a problem? What are the latest custody solutions?
  • Issues around posting and accepting collateral – what would happen in a liquidity crisis?
  • Trade operations are fragmented, and execution is challenging, whether OTC or exchange. Where are the positive changes here and how will solutions plug into the traditional hedge fund infrastructure and processes?
  • Other areas of counter-party risk – will digital assets end up being centrally cleared like derivatives
  • how do we create these facilities and do we need them? How do you create controls and standardization?
  • Michelle Noyes, Managing Director, Alternative Investment Management Association (moderator)
  • Glenn Barber, Head of Sales, Americas, Copper.co
  • Jake Weinig, Founding Partner, Iceberg Capital Group
  • John Joseph D'Agostino, Senior Advisor: Strategy and Partnerships, Coinbase
  • Joshua Lim, Managing Director, Head of Derivatives Trading, Genesis Trading


11:00 AM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

11:30 AM


Hosted by APIFINY


  • Haohan Xu, CEO & Founder, Apifiny

Bridging The Continents: How to Seamlessly Access a Complete Crypto Market

Unchartered territories - mapping the regulatory landscape


11:45 AM

  • What are the current regulatory shifts that managers need to focus on?
  • When will we move beyond ‘regulation as enforcement’ and to a more stable, even internationally recognized regulatory environment?
  • From a trading oversight perspective – when will FINRA provide a regulatory home for digi asset exchanges
  • Is change just too fast-paced for regulators: If we get more clarity will it constantly be outmoded by the fast-paced nature of the sector - e.g. the sudden uptick of DeFi and smart contracts - or are we close to regulatory equilibrium
  • Is it possible to pursue reliable and coherent AML and KYC requests in the digital assets space
  • Dr. Frederico S. B. Mesquita, Founding Partner, Lotus Investment Strategies (moderator)
  • Christopher Hehmeyer, CEO, Hehmeyer Nortide AG and Chairman of Warwick Capital Management
  • Jake Ryan, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Tradecraft Capital
  • Katherine Dowling, Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel, Bitwise Asset Management
  • Kenneth Goodwin, General Managing Partner and Founder, Jeanensis Ventures
  • William Evans, Managing Director of the Americas, CEX.IO


12:30 PM



Yield Farming, Staking and other Strategies to Lower Risk and Generate Returns

  • Samuel Klehr, Director of Business Development, Blockdaemon

Trading strategies and how to gain exposure to the space


12:45 PM

  • What are the key strategies for managers looking to gain exposure?
  • Which strategies have gained acceptance with investors?
  • How to gain exposure and the best back- middle- office solutions for each
  • Direct ownership of digital assets via custodian
  • Ownership via physically backed exchange traded products
  • Ownership via physically backed funds (non-exchange traded)
  • Exposure via tracker funds/certificates
  • Nikolas Joyce, Chief Investment Officer, The Strategic Funds (moderator)
  • John Vincent, CEO, Wakem Digital Management
  • Justin Buitendam, Global Head of Institutional Sales, Bit.com
  • Kevin Kang, Founding Partner, BKCoin Capital
  • Mitchell Dong, CEO and Founder, Pythagoras Management Company
  • Thejas Nalval, CIO, Parataxis Capital


1:45 PM


Taxing times: Understanding the evolving tax treatment of digi asset funds


2:45 PM

  • How do you define a correct tax environment when the definition of the underlying asset is a. unclear; b. rapidly evolving
  • Cross-border view: How are digital assets viewed by US tax authorities and international tax authorities? How are the rules currently defined and how will they change?
  • Can your losses in crypto be offset against none-crypto assets and vice versa? Firms are doing this, but there is no clear guidance – is this an accident waiting to happen?
  • Tax disclosure in your fund documentation – how do you do this for crypto and can you disclose uncertainty – and will regulators pick this up.
  • Tax treatment is clear on capital gains, but how well is it policed and appropriately taxed
  • Michelle Noyes, Managing Director, Alternative Investment Management Association (moderator)
  • James Parillo, Fund Manager & Business Development Manager, Figment
  • Joel Press, Founding Member, Press Management
  • Cynthia Pedersen, JD, LLM, Director, Tax, Cohen & Company


3:30 PM


Hosted by BarclayHedge

Taxonomy and the Tragedy of the African Elephants: A Cautionary Tale for Digital Asset Managers


  • Ben Crawford, MBA, CFA, VP, Head of Research at BarclayHedge
Read more

4:00 PM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

The key technology challenges (and solutions) in launching a digital assets vehicle


4:30 PM

  • The emerging solutions that will derisk and reduce the running costs of trading and fund operations
  • Protecting against cyber-crime, key theft, operational risk and emerging threats
  • The challenges of building out workable EMS, OMS and PMS solutions for digi asset funds


  • Mitchell Dong, CEO and Founder, Pythagoras Management Company (moderator)
  • Emil van Essen, CEO and CIO, Katonah EvE LLC
  • Jacques Lolieux, Head of Quantitative Research and Trading, SheeldMarket
  • Jasmine Burgess, COO/CRO, One River Digital
  • John Peurifoy, CEO & Founder, Floating Point Group
  • John Sarson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Sarson Fund

The asset owner view: How do allocators and investors currently view the space?


5:15 PM

  • Moving from HNW and family office interest into the institutional space – how can this be achieved?
  • The space has a lot of cheerleaders, but not enough of them are from large allocators, who choose not to engage or are pursuing a wait and see policy - is this starting to change?
  • How can you ‘derisk’ the allocation decision for institutional investors?
  • How do allocators understand the investment options and will more effective regulation and less hype help?
  • The ODD hurdles for digi asset managers – the most FAQs and how are these evolving over time
  • Wen Hou, Chief Investment Officer, Coincident Capital (moderator)
  • James Diorio, Principal & Chief Executive Officer, Tradecraft Capital
  • Martha Reyes, Head of Research, BEQUANT
  • Nikolas Joyce, Chief Investment Officer, The Strategic Funds
  • Tony Fenner Leitao, President, Cambrian Asset Management
  • Travis Williamson, Partner - Head of Hedge Fund Research, Albourne Partners


6:15 PM


9:00 PM



MBA, CFA, VP, Head of Research at BarclayHedge

Read more

Ben Crawford

Carlos Betancourt

Founding Partner at BKCoin Capital

Read more

Christopher Hehmeyer

Christopher Hehmeyer, CEO at Hehmeyer Nortide AG & Chairman of Warwick Capital Management

Read more

JD, LLM, Director, Tax at Cohen & Company

Read more

Cynthia Pedersen

Emil van Essen

Dr. Frederico S. B. Mesquita

President and Co-CIO at Katonah EvE LLC

Read more

Founding Partner at Lotus Investment Strategies

Read more

Glenn Barber

Head of Sales, Americas at Copper.co

Read more

Haohan Xu

CEO & Founder at Apifiny

Read more

Jack Zumwalt

CEO and Co- CIO at Level III Capital

Read more

Jacques Lolieux

VP of Trading and Quantitative Research at SheeldMarket

Jake Ryan

Jake Weinig

Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Tradecraft Capital

Read more

Founding Partner at Iceberg Capital Group

Read more

James Diorio

Principal & Chief Executive Officer at Tradecraft Capital

Read more

Jasmine Burgess

James Parillo

Fund Manager & Business Development Manager at Figment

Read more

COO/CRO at One River Digital

Read more

Jenna Wright

Managing Director at LMAX Digital

Read more

John Joseph D'Agostino

Senior Advisor: Strategy and Partnerships at Coinbase

Read more

Joel Press

Founding Member at Press Management

Read more

John Peurifoy

CEO & Founder at Floating Point Group

Read more

John Vincent

John Sarson

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Sarson Fund

Read more

CEO at Wakem Digital Management

Joshua Lim

Managing Director, Head of Derivatives Trading at Genesis Trading

Read more

Katherine Dowling

Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel at Bitwise Asset Management

Read more

Justin Buitendam

Global Head of Institutional Sales at Bit.com

Read more

Kenneth Goodwin

General Managing Partner and Founder at Jeanensis Ventures

Read more

Kevin Kang

Founding Partner at BKCoin Capital

Read more

Kenny Estes

CEO and co-founder at Diffuse Inc.

Read more

Martha Reyes

Head of Research at BEQUANT

Read more

Michelle Noyes

CEO and Founder at Fireblocks

Read more

Managing Director at Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA)

Read more

Michael Shaulov

Mitchell Dong

CEO and Founder at Pythagoras Management Company

Read more

Samuel Klehr

Director of Business Development at Blockdaemon

Read more

Nikolas Joyce

Chief Investment Officer at The Strategic Funds

Read more

Shiliang Tang

Chief Investment Officer at LedgerPrime

Read more

Tony Fenner Leitao

President at Cambrian Asset Management

Read more

Thejas Nalval

CIO at Parataxis Capital

Read more

Travis Williamson

Partner - Head of Hedge Fund Research at Albourne Partners

Read more

Wen Hou

Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Edge Capital Investment Management

Read more

Chief Investment Officer at Coincident Capital

Read more

Vadim Khramov

William Evans

Managing Director of the Americas at CEX.IO

Read more







"It was great and informative to hear from the panellists who discussed a broad range of essential topics for emerging managers. Will be back next year!"

Dede Eyesan, Founder/Managing Partner, Jenga Investment Partners

"The hedgeweekLive European Emerging Managers Summits are excellent. A must for all hedge fund managers looking to launch or grow their funds"

David Mace, COO, Altavista Investment Management UK LLP

"High quality contributions from senior leaders in highly topical subjects."

Rob Galione, Chief Operating Officer, Acer Tree Investment Management


Address: One West 54th Street New York, NY 10019



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