Evolving operations, identifying opportunities and exploring solutions


Wednesday, 4th October, 2023 | Convene Bishopsgate, London

An invite-only gathering for hedge fund operational leaders, that will explore the current trends, future drivers, and mission-critical tools pushing positive business growth.

Informed by in-depth industry consultation, our gathering for senior teams will help your business evolve via incisive panel discussions and a series of detail-orientated roundtable sessions designed for small groups.

  • An ‘urban’ business retreat conducted under strict rules of confidentiality and limited to 120 places to ensure the relevance of delegates and quality of discussion
  • All content created by managers-for-managers, via a series of focus groups
  • Topics dealing with operations, regulation, compliance, emerging product trends – all designed to help you run a better business
  • A focus on small roundtable discussions, led by experts and enabling all guests to share ideas

What is the Hedge Fund European Leadership Summit?



8:30 AM


9:00 AM


  • Hedge funds have lost some momentum – particularly in relation to private markets. Is this just cyclical or do we need to change the way we create and market product?
  • If change is needed, what kind of business do you really want to be? Should managers stick to their core strengths and wait for their moment or embrace the potential – and risk – of hybrid strategies and volatile digital assets?
  • If we choose to evolve, how do we effectively develop our internal skillsets to make these shifts happen?
  • And as we hire new teams and evolve existing skillsets – how will the working environment change? Is the ‘republic of the remote’ becoming increasingly stale – if so, how do we get back to the office and work as a team again?
  • Unique ways to distribute – like platforms – and to partner with allocators on these new ventures

Forecasting and future proofing: Should we ‘stick to our knitting’ or cross the new frontiers of hybrid structures and digital asset classes?


9:00 AM


  • Ronald Richter, Head of Operations, Atitlan Asset Management
  • Angus Milne, Director, Risk & Compliance, TCI Fund Management
  • Elissa von Broembsen-Kluever, Partner & Managing Director, Omni Partners LLP

9:45 AM

Does skill exist, and when it does what does it look like?

  • Rick Di Mascio, Chief Executive Officer, Inalytics
  • Outsourcing, now a strategic imperative for hedge funds – what are the current drivers and trends and what are the metrics – other than budgetary savings – of measuring success?
  • Pushing the boundaries of outsourcing to other higher value activities – where to next? Are you even examining the ‘fraction-lisation’ of once key staff – CTO, CFO…and even the COO. What are the benefits and risks here? Is the fractional COO a step too far? Without a fulltime ops head, who pulls all the outsourced services together?
  • What other areas of your ops could be outsourced?
    > Extension of outsourcing to front office
  • Promise of technology adoption to integrate all these services – is it possible to do this coherently, cheaply and achieve accurate reporting?
  • Co-sourcing and in-sourcing versus standard outsourcing – co-sourcing approach winning with larger funds, but what does it also mean for smaller players?
    > Benefits and trade-offs
    > Decision considerations for co-sourcing versus standard outsourcing
    > Lessons from pandemic
    > Cybersecurity not an afterthought any more for hedge fund managers
    > Hybrid operating model and implications for talent management – keeping all the stakeholders aligned and ‘art of flexibility’ for talent management

High-water mark: Has outsourcing reached its apex, is there even anything left to handover to third parties and is the next frontier now about properly integrating and systematising a hotchpotch of historical and new third party relationships


10:15 AM


  • Phillip Chapple, COO, Monterone Partners
  • Malcolm Butler, Managing Partner, Selwood Asset Management

11:00 AM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts and network with your peers

  • Is the prime broker still your most important relationship?
  • With the retreat of Deutsche and Credit Suisse - and the emergence of well-funded ‘digital’ primes - how should managers go forward with this relationship?
  • Creating the ‘digital’ hedge fund – what does it look like, where do we go to next and making the most of technology, automation and outsourcing while avoiding the pitfalls
  • Building consistency in business operations and digitalisation, without creating headaches for staff and sacrificing the experience of allocators
  • More outsourcing – more risk? How to guard against insolvency of service providers
  • How to bring all vendors together in a single view?


11:30 AM

Roundtable A: Assessing and managing your service providers – new mindsets, new solutions…same problems

Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates rotate through all 4 topics for focused discussion in small groups


  • Michael Murphy, COO, Inverewe Capital

Roundtable B: Practical guidance on current legal, compliance and tax priorities – plotting a clear roadmap at home and abroad

  • Current priorities of FCA and international regulators…where to next?
  • Flash briefing: AIFMD II, MIFID II unbundling exemption and SFDR
  • Are we finally seeing a compelling UK funds regime take shape?
  • Briefing on progress of Investment Firm Prudential Regime
  • Governance risk of remote working
  • SEC pressure – redefining private funds and current focus on reporting

Roundtable C: ESG Landscape: What is best practice in ESG and can we square the circle of regulators, managers, and investors

  • Article 8 and Article 9 funds – are these capable of boosting asset raising and preserving performance – what are the practicalities and how do you cope with the reporting
  • Getting the reporting process right and overcoming operational headaches during this journey
  • Looking at the impact of new EU taxonomy regulation – will this lead to needed standardization or more complications as the SEC et al bring in their own changes
  • Does adopting ESG factors improve returns? And are managers adapting existing funds to fit in with the times or launching new vehicles
  • Making progress: aligning manager and allocator interests on ESG – how to collaborate


  • Quentin Dumortier, Founder and CIO, Atlas Responsible Investors

Roundtable D: Digital assets - readying the strategies and funds of the future

  • Digital assets: becoming an institutional market?
  • Current case for investing in digital assets
  • Current investment strategies - bolting on to existing strategies or launch something new?
  • Operations: Trading and custody solutions
  • Getting your risk management right
  • Security and regulatory issues
  • Explaining these strategies to institutional allocators


  • Maximilian Bruckner, Investor Relations, 21e6 Capital


12:15 PM

Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates rotate through all 4 topics for focused discussion in small groups

Roundtable A: Assessing and managing your service providers

Roundtable D: Digital assets

Roundtable B: Practical guidance on current legal, compliance and tax priorities

Roundtable C: ESG Landscape

  • Quentin Dumortier, Founder and CIO, Atlas Responsible Investors
  • Anna Dinescu, COO and Co-Founder, LibertyRoad Capital
  • Arianna Luna, Partner, Campsor Capital
  • Michael Murphy, COO, Inverewe Capital

1:00 PM



2:15 PM

Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates rotate through all 4 topics for focused discussion in small groups

Roundtable D: Digital assets

Roundtable B: Practical guidance on current legal, compliance and tax priorities

Roundtable C: ESG Landscape

Roundtable A: Assessing and managing your service providers

  • Anna Dinescu, COO and Co-Founder, LibertyRoad Capital
  • Francisco Almada, COO/CFO, Alquity Investment Management


3:00 PM

Roundtable D: Digital assets

Roundtable B: Practical guidance on current legal, compliance and tax priorities

Roundtable C: ESG Landscape

Roundtable A: Assessing and managing your service providers

Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates rotate through all 4 topics for focused discussion in small groups

  • Francisco Almada, COO/CFO, Alquity Investment Management

3:45 PM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts and network with your peers

4:15 PM

East is east and west is west and…. actually the twain might meet – how managers can successfully launch hybrid and illiquid strategies

  • Luke Venables, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, ARA Venn

Fireside Chat

  • Building and interrogating a coherent data eco-system
  • The scope and use of data are widening, but are fund managers paying enough attention to data strategy, storage and governance?
  • Alternative data - new ways to mine alpha
  • Overcoming the challenge of analysing large data sets before the data becomes obsolete; what techniques are managers pursuing to gain, and maintain, an edge?
  • What advances in algorithms are being applied to parsing and analysing textual data – and are these advances improving the power of predictive analytics?
  • How are hedge fund managers developing their own proprietary tools to make data management processes and controls more efficient?
  • Best practices for setting out and overseeing an effective data management strategy
  • The role of internal culture in setting out a path for data transformation

Data dash – leveraging existing data, building new data systems and gaining real insight

Fireside Chat

4:30 PM


  • Mike Merritt-Holmes, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Kvasir Technologies
  • Leaning in as senior leaders – what are your teams currently telling you?
  • Recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best
  • How to be opportunity minded, structure and achieve sustainable growth, while managing your costs
  • Does remote working and digitalisation make for a more equal, healthy and diverse working environment or is it hampering future collaboration and innovation?
  • Co-mingled and liquid is still the mainstream – but how can your business make the most of co-investment vehicles and less liquid opportunities in private markets

Achieving Operational Alpha – management styles and strategies to accelerate growth

Fireside Chat

4:45 PM

  • Why do allocators say no?
  • ESG – what exactly are investors looking for
  • Marketing and capital-raising - the new tools & techniques
  • The shifts in ODD and are we heading for the ‘digitalization’ of the manager/investor relationship
  • Doing more than just following the investor lead on ESG
  • How are technology platforms re-shaping the capital introduction model?
  • What types of technology are IR teams introducing, as a result of the pandemic, to connect with investors?
  • How is the IR role evolving in line with tech innovation, and how is this helping improve investor communication/reporting?
  • What kind of best practices should managers be mindful of, when doing virtual fundraising, and what are some of the main risks to avoid?
  • Will we see a hybrid approach to fundraising, on a permanent basis, going forward, combining the human element with the machine?

Listen to your investors – product, performance, assessing the ebb and flow of ODD and new ways of engagement


5:00 PM


  • Fiona Treble, Managing Director, Global Head of Membership, AIMA (moderator)
  • Russell Hart, Chief Operating Officer, Alcova Asset Management
  • Maria Long, Director, Research & Content, SBAI
  • Valeria Mongillo, Investor Relations & Sustainability Manager, EOS Investment Management
  • John Springett, Director of Business Development Operations, Aspect Capital

5:45 PM


Leading high-performing and adaptable teams in complex environments


  • Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE, Former Specialist Military Unit Colonel at British Army & CCO at General System

6:15 PM


Connect with peers from around the industry over a glass of wine

7:00 PM


Angus Milne

Director, Risk & Compliance at TCI Fund Management Limited

Dr Vera Krahmal

Principal at Times Three

Eleri Rhidian

Ian Wylie

Vice President, Sales & Investor Relations at Trium Capital

COO at Naya Capital Management UK

Karim Leguel

James Orme-Smith

CEO at Sandbar Asset Management LLP

International Head of Business Development and Client Strategy at J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management

Patrick Mang

Malcolm Butler

Chief Operating Officer at Trium Capital

Sarah-Jane O'Sullivan

Director, Operational Due Diligence at Willis Towers Watson

COO at Selwood Asset Management







Convene - London

Address: 22 Bishopsgate // City of London, London

Dress Code


Electronic Devices

We advise attendees to take a lateral flow test before the event to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please note attendees are asked to dress in business casual.

We kindly ask attendees to please keep electronic devices on silent during panels and roundtables.

Venue Requirements

"It was great and informative to hear from the panellists who discussed a broad range of essential topics for emerging managers. Will be back next year!"

Dede Eyesan, Founder/Managing Partner, Jenga Investment Partners

"The hedgeweekLive European Emerging Managers Summits are excellent. A must for all hedge fund managers looking to launch or grow their funds"

David Mace, COO, Altavista Investment Management UK LLP

"The leading UK gathering for digital asset professionals & thought leaders. A must have diary event for anyone allocating or thinking of allocating assets in the digital & crypto space."

Simon Davies, Head of European Business Development, Abra



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