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Mission-critical guidance for new and

emerging managers


The Hedge Fund European Emerging Managers Summit is aimed at management firms and funds in their early stages of development, as well as managers and funds operated by women and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Our mission is to create a series of conversations that will enable your firm or fund to be set for growth, success, and long-term security. Dealing with issues spanning operations, strategy and compliance this event is designed for decision makers from across the leadership suite.

For any new fund manager, getting the planning right at the pre-launch and post-launch phases can potentially make the difference between success or costly failure. Through a series of in-depth panel discussions, presentations and breakout sessions, the event will lay out the main considerations for an engaged audience.

The Hedge Fund European Emerging Managers Summit, hosted by Hedgeweek, is your bridge to a new understanding of each of the critical steps involved to successfully bring a hedge fund to market. There will also be time for networking and informal conversations with close peers and colleagues.

Hedgeweek’s event will:

  • Be a closed and invite-only gathering, this means no media and a curated audience of genuine peers
  • Bring together senior staff from across the leadership suite to discuss shared problems, opportunities and solutions
  • Focus on current trends, emerging themes and the likely innovations and disruptors of the next 5 years

All Hedgeweek Summits operate under Chatham House Rule. This means that attendees are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. Recording of the panels and roundtables is strictly prohibited.

All Summits and Webinars are CPD accredited, so you can learn, network and develop new skills.

Find out more about The CPD Certification here:


8:30 AM


8:50 AM


Hedge Fund Emerging Manager Hedgeweek Insight presentation

  • Will Wainewright, Head of Hedge Fund Research, Hedgeweek
  • How smaller funds are navigating the high interest rate and inflationary environment
  • A macro outlook, and its impact on operational alpha and investment alpha
  • Novel approaches to risk management that are reassuring investors amid market volatility
  • Leveraging technology and data analytics tools to provide value-add to investors

Land of opportunity: Using size and agility as an advantage during macroeconomic upheaval


9:00 AM

Voice of experience: Manager view


9:45 AM

Hear how a veteran manager has dealt with recent – and past – challenges and the lessons learned from a career in hedge fund management.

  • The critical factors in choosing the right staff and building a successful team
  • Identifying the right service providers and tech for your operational needs – today and as a fund grows
  • Fund structuring options, including domicile, investor preferences and new trends
  • An update on the shifting legal and regulatory requirements

Talent, Tech and Structuring: Building strong foundations for long-term success


10:00 AM


  • Jordan Hogan, Membership Associate, AIMA (moderator)
  • Phillip Chapple, Chief Operating Officer, Monterone Partners
  • Anabel Mifsud, CEO, Q Fund Management

10:45 AM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

11:15 AM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

  • How to harness the efficiency that technology provides without draining resources
  • Integrating data analytics into the investment processes – the key transformations
  • Learn how your peers are using AI/machine learning to gain a competitive advantage
  • The hurdles tech-forward professionals face in helping to integrate new solutions

Roundtable A: Tech transformation: Managing the digital journey and leveraging new tools

Roundtable B: Infrastructure focus: Evolving operations with limited resources

  • Exploring the growth of outsourcing and strategic partnerships and the factors involved
  • Cash flow – the latest strategies for optimising liquidity and meeting investor demands
  • Streamlining operations to navigate increasing regulation and demands for transparency
  • A fund and a business – balancing fundraising and investing with scalability and efficiency

Roundtable C: Start-up bootcamp: How to launch and grow your hedge fund business efficiently

  • The most efficient ways to structure your fund, firm, and counterparty agreements
  • Insights on key areas – managed accounts, tax matters, compliance, and litigation
  • The upcoming regulatory developments European emerging managers need to know
  • Staying on top of marketing legislation and keeping your materials up to date


  • Tillmann Sachs, CEO and Founder, J8 Capital Management LLP

Roundtable D: ODD update: The latest trends, tech, and methods for successful investor engagement

  • The latest trends and investors’ key questions during operational due diligence
  • Implementing innovative and data-driven approaches to make ODD more efficient
  • Ways to highlight your USP during ODD, as well as in marketing materials
  • How to engage with potential investors in ways that build trust and credibility

12:00 PM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

Roundtable A: Tech transformation

Roundtable B: Infrastructure focus

Roundtable C: Start-up bootcamp

Roundtable D: ODD update

  • Tillmann Sachs, CEO and Founder, J8 Capital Management LLP

12:45 PM


  • A discussion on regulatory changes – how to navigate them and close compliance gaps
  • Building a compliance culture at a smaller firm and training staff on risk mitigation
  • The main protocols needed to minimise the risks from regulatory developments
  • The ways different fund domiciles are approaching regulation and fostering growth

Unlocking excellence: How strong risk management and compliance functions foster growth


2:00 PM


  • Brian Digney, Research and Content Director, Standards Board for Alternative Investments
  • Marc Marsdale, COO, Lombardi Capital

2:45 PM


Roundtable A: Tech transformation

Roundtable B: Infrastructure focus

Roundtable C: Start-up bootcamp

Roundtable D: ODD update

  • Marc Marsdale, COO, Lombardi Capital

3:30 PM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

Learn the preferences and expectations of an allocator that makes early-stage investments with hedge fund firms.

In conversation with a seed investor


4:15 PM

  • The hedge fund strategies and business features piquing investor interest
  • How to navigate ODD during macroeconomic upheaval and with limited resources
  • Tips for positioning a firm to win business from allocators and investment consultants
  • Investors offer their outlook for emerging hedge fund managers in 2024

Fundraising focus: Investors and managers discuss the current capital raising environment


4:15 PM

5:00 PM


Connect with peers from around the industry over a glass of wine, followed by The Hedgeweek European Emerging Manager Awards

7:30 PM


Chief Operating Officer at Monterone Partners

Read more

Phillip Chapple

Jordan Hogan

Brian Digney

Membership Associate at AIMA

Read more

Research and Content Director at Standards Board for Alternative Investments

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Marc Marsdale

COO at Lombardi Capital

Read more

Anabel Mifsud

Tillmann Sachs

CEO at Q Fund Management

Read more

CEO and Founder at J8 Capital Management LLP

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Convene - London

Address: 22 Bishopsgate // City of London, London

Venue Requirements

Dress Code

Electronic Devices

Please note attendees are asked to dress in business casual.

We kindly ask attendees to please keep electronic devices on silent during panels and roundtables.

It was great and informative to hear from the panellists who discussed a broad range of essential topics for emerging managers. Will be back next year!

Dede Eyesan, Founder/Managing Partner, Jenga Investment Partners

The knowledge to consume, the people to meet and the venue itself was just brilliant. The panels and roundtable discussions did not just scratch the surface but went into as much detail as would possibly fit in the given time. I can highly recommend this format and will join the future events.

Fabian Fach, Managing Partner, Black Flower Capital GmbH

A productive use of a day for any emerging manager to listen to the learnings of teams who have gone or are going through the launch and growth process. You will leave this event with a few nuggets of new wisdom and a few helpful new connections.

Anthony Lawler, Chief Investment Officer and COO, Cadwyn Capital LLP



Please note that registration for this summit is only open to senior executives at fund managers and investors. If you are a service provider and would like to attend, please get in touch with us via the sponsor enquiries form, or on

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